The Colorado Trail

I had the chance to make a short hike on the Colorado Trail near the Kenosha Pass about 10 days ago…   It was a relief to get away from the city (and national politics) and take a special friend for some fresh air and green trees. I didn’t plan the trip to make landscape photos, but I did take my camera!

Columbine, Kenosha Pass.

We met some wonderful folks along the trail; many of them were there for multi-day hikes. One of them, an Oklahoman named Tim, was out for the better part of a month and would cover a significant part of the trail, “…until his wife called him and told him to come on home.”

“Sow Kindness,” a painted rock left by a hiker along the Colorado Trail.

As wonderful as it all was, reality remained, whispering in the distance–from the trail, we could see a massive fire building on the other side of South Park, a reminder of our dry conditions and perhaps, environmental change.

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