The Colorado Trail

I had the chance to make a short hike on the Colorado Trail near the Kenosha Pass about 10 days ago…   It was a relief to get away from the city (and national politics) and take a special friend for some fresh air and green trees. I didn’t plan the trip to make landscape photos, but I did take my camera!

Columbine, Kenosha Pass.

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July Skies 2018

July 2018 Skies as seen from Denver Colorado.
Viewing due south in Denver at 10:30 PM in mid-July. Note position of M19 (shown just right of center) slightly above the imaginary line that runs between 36 Ophiuchus and Sigma (σ) Scorpii. (Some labels use “Oph,” the standard abbreviation for Ophiuchus/Ophiuchi, for clarity.) –Object positions, constellation and meridian lines charted in SkySafari, and then enhanced. (Tap on image above for larger version.)

© Zachary Singer

The Solar System

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