VIDEO: March 2020 Planetary Conjunction

Still Image from "Touring the Night Sky" Conjunction video.
Still image from a four-minute video showing you how to see the beautiful planetary alignments in late March. –Click image to go to the video on YouTube.

In spite of nasty viruses and all kinds of other misbegotten issues, the sky still performs its celestial dance–and we now have an opportunity to see the planets embrace as they perform a pre-dawn planetary conjunction–that is, two or more planets will line up closely from our point of view here on Earth. Mars and Jupiter will draw close on the morning of March 19, and even closer on Friday, the 20th. After that, they’ll continue to dazzle early risers–especially since Saturn is also nearby, and for part of the dance, at least, our Moon makes a cameo as a beuatiful crescent…

I have created a video covering the next several days’ planetary action, so you can see how these events will look–and which planet is which! It’s a little over four minutes, and I hope it inspires you to get out and look for yourself–here’s the YouTube link: